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We have 3 main strains, one of each color, that make up all of our Kratom Blends. Green Maeng-Da, Red Maeng-Da, and White Maeng-Da.

You will find the Lab Results for each one of the main strains here. If you are looking for labs for a different strain you can use this conversion to get the data for your blend!

Green Borneo:

70% Green Maeng-Da 30% Red Maeng-Da

Green Raiu:

70% Green Maeng-Da 30% White Maeng-Da

Green Malaysian:

50% Green Maeng-Da 50% White Maeng-Da

Red Borneo:

70% Red Maeng-Da 30% Green Maeng-Da

Red Bali:

70% Red Maeng-Da 30% White Maeng-Da

White Bali:

70% White Maeng-Da 30% Red Maeng-Da

Yellow Maeng-Da:

33.3% Green Maeng-Da 33.3% Red Maeng-Da 33.3% White Maeng-Da

Extract Infused Gummies – 100422

Extract Shots

Sour Cherry 60mg – CSC221608

Sour Cherry 120mg – CSC221508

BlueBerry 60mg – CBB222022

Blueberry 120mg – CBB222122

Green Maeng-Da

Red Maeng-Da

White Maeng-Da


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