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Buy Kratom with BitCoin! 

1. First, you will need to create a BitCoin wallet by signing up for a reputable exchange like Coinbase, for example.

2. Second, you need to connect a method of payment to your Coinbase account.

3. Proceed through the checkout on the website like normal, and make sure to choose your shipping method before clicking “Place Order.”

4. Once you have selected your shipping method, the option to pay via BitCoin should appear. (You also save 10% by paying with this option!)

5. After Bitcoin is selected, we will display a payment address that you will send payment to using your Coinbase account or other BitCoin Wallet account.

6. When you submit your payment, we typically receive it within 15 minutes. ***(Do not wait to send your payment, as your order will automatically cancel if your payment is not received within a timely manor.)***

7. After we have confirmed the receipt of your payment. We automatically mark your order as paid, and ship your order the same day if it is received by 2 p.m. EST. Anything after 2 p.m. EST will go out next business day.



Buy Kratom Buy Kratom Online Buy Wholesale Kratom Buy Bulk Kratom

Buy Kratom with COD Payment: 

1. Proceed through the checkout on the website like normal, and make sure to choose your shipping method before clicking “Place Order”.

2. Once you have chosen your shipping method, the option to pay via COD should appear in list of payment methods.

3. Once you have the COD (Collect On Delivery) option selected, make sure all of your information has been entered correctly and on the correct lines, and proceed to click “Place Order”

4. When you click “Place Order,” you will be redirected to a page that explains who to make the check out to in order for us to accept it. (Your order total will be at the top of the page where it says your confirmation and order number.

5. Once USPS arrives to your door, please provide them with the Cashier’s Check / Money Order payable to our business name (K Krates LLC) with the correct amount. If anything is off, they may not accept it unfortunately as they do not want to be responsible for anything. If paying with cash, a minimal cash handling fee will be added by the shipping company.



 – Our website does not take your payment automatically for this payment method.
You will have to manually create a Cashier’s Check or Money Order from Walmart/CVS/7-11 or anywhere that allows you to get a Money Order Made.

 – Cashier’s Checks can be created at your bank if you have a checking account with the bank. Please make sure the Cashier’s Check or Money Order is made out to K Krates LLC or the driver may not accept it.

Hopefully that helps you out as much as possible, but if you still have questions, you can always contact us! 


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Buy Kratom with eCheck Payments: 

1. Add your items to the cart.

2. Proceed through the checkout like normal (you can also click on the cart at the top of your screen to get to the checkout page)

3. Select your shipping option and then proceed. This will take you to your payment options where you can select Green Money. (Our eCheck Provider)

4. You will then complete your order and this will redirect you to a new page where you will enter your Routing and Account number. The reason for this is to keep your information secure.

5. Enter your Routing number and Account number into the boxes provided. Please make sure this information is exact or it will cause delays in processing the eCheck payment.

NOTE: We specifically pay a yearly fee for SSL which is a secured server for your information to pass through. Most companies will not allow you to take payments or accept information that is sensitive without having SSL. You can verify that we have SSL by clicking the “lock” icon to the left of the web address/url bar. It might even say “Secured” next to the lock icon depending on your browser.

6. At this time, your order is going to be in process to batch with the eCheck company, and if the order was placed before 2:00 PM Eastern time (Monday – Friday), then your order should ship the same-day and the check will deduct from your account the following day (possibly the day after that as well, but typically the following day). NOTE: If it’s your first time using the eCheck system, there will be a 5 business day hold, but all future orders will ship the same-day.

7. To avoid the 5 day hold, a screen shot of the funds clearing your account can be sent to verifying that the payment has went through successfully. We will then send the order that day upon review of the information as long as it is submitted before 2P.M. EST.

8. If you experience any issues while trying to make your payment, please get in contact with us by live chat or email us at and we will help assist! 

First Time eCheck Notes:


If you place your order on a Friday before 2:00 PM Eastern time, your eCheck will process the same-day, but your order will ship on Monday of the following week  (unfortunately most banks are closed during the weekend – you may still see your check process on Saturday depending on your bank, but we cannot count it as a business day)

However, if you were to place your order after 2:00 PM Eastern time on that same Friday, your eCheck would not actually process until Monday of the following week (after the weekend) and your order would be in queue to ship on Thursday (three days after Monday which is the day the check will process through if you ordered after 2:00 PM eastern on Friday).

Once we get one successful eCheck from you, then we will be able to start shipping orders out the same-day/next-day, rather than having to wait the full three days for verification of the check.

eCheck NOTES:

– You do not need any checks to do an eCheck as it is done electronically.

– You will be providing the company that processes the eChecks with the same information that shows up on the bottom of a regular, paper check. If you are nervous about providing the information, please be aware that we are not allowed to see the full Account/Routing number, and we pay yearly in order to provide an SSL certificate to encrypt any data that is passed through our checkout to any outside servers.

*eChecks that do not process successfully are subject to be re-deposited once we receive the copy of the check in the mail. We do not refund bounced check fees or any other fees that may incur from these checks being re-deposited.*


We hope this has helped a little bit, and if you have any questions at all about the eCheck payment process we would be glad to help you out – simply email and we will get back to you shortly!


Buy Kratom But Kratom Online Buy Wholesale Kratom Buy Bulk Kratom

Mesh Credit / Debit Card Payments


  • MESH is a simple and secure method for online purchases. MESH brings the Customer and the Merchant inside the same financial institution to handle real-time payments that might not otherwise be able to be processed using credit or debit cards.


  • The following steps are what you can expect using MESH. If you are already a MESH account holder you can expect your transaction to take about 60 seconds from start to finish.



  1. Login to your Mesh account. (If you don’t currently have a MESH account pick the option to create a MESH account.  This only takes an additional 60 seconds to complete).


  1. Purchase a MESH Load Pack. (MESH accepts VISA, Mastercard, and Discover)



  1. Activate Your MESH Load Pack


  1. Complete your purchase. You’re not finished until you complete your purchase and return to the shopping cart with a confirmation.


  1. MESH confirms your funds transfer directly with the Merchant.



MESH is similar, in some ways, to a reloadable prepaid debit card.  Before making a purchase, a customer must first create and fund their MESH account, which is held at an FDIC insured U.S. bank. This is why, on the first transaction, we have to collect a little more information on our customers than some other payment methods. It’s also why your information is much more secure than other payment methods.



MESH IS SECURE.  MESH never shares your personal information with any 3rd party other than the bank where your MESH checking account resides.  Opening a MESH account has no impact on credit scores, nor is the information shared with any credit reporting agency.  Also, MESH confirms each purchase with 2-factor authentication to your mobile phone, so your funds are safe from unauthorized use.


For additional information and customer service please visit

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