For centuries, kratom has been used for its medicinal properties as a natural remedy and pain management solution. However, the cultivation, sale, and use of kratom is legal only in some countries and is yet to be approved by the FDA. 

One of the commonly cited issues is related to the verifiability of kratom vendors and the quality of their products. There was a need for a formal entity that will set high-quality standards and motivate vendors to boost their ongoing efforts. 

American Kratom Association is one of the main facilitators in the process of establishing kratom as a safe-to-use remedy and aims to raise awareness of kratom benefits and provide support for consumers. AKA’s key efforts are directed towards AKA GMP Standards Program developed to enhance the safety and quality of kratom products on the market.  

What you need to know about AKA

American Kratom Association was established in 2014, and for 5 years now they have been dedicated to educating the public about kratom’s beneficial properties. Their aim is to minimize the risk related to kratom and protect users from contamination and adulteration of any kratom product. As a result, AKA wishes to increase consumer confidence by ensuring all kratom products are pure and of the highest quality.  

As Dave Herman, Chairman of the Board, states: “AKA is dedicated to protecting the kratom consumer; our efforts are targeted to helping create a kratom consumer safety channel”. As he describes it, the program is designed to inform consumers of kratom vendors who are committed to following safe and responsible manufacturing practices.

AKA Good Manufacturing Practice Standards Program 

To make sure that kratom vendors continue to raise the level of manufacturing processes, AKA has specified manufacturing and processing standards in their AKA GMP Standards Program. The program is focused on the details regarding the manufacture, labeling and verification requirements of kratom dietary supplements, thus raising the bar for their quality above the standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Companies that apply for this program will be audited by an independent 3rd party who will confirm that their practices are in line with the AKA GMP Standards Program. 

The 3rd party audit will be conducted annually by auditors who have experience conducting dietary supplement GMP audits and will take AKA standards into consideration. All companies that apply to be a part of the AKA GMP Standards Program will have to address specific aspects of the GMP, including standard operating procedures, recordkeeping, adverse event reporting systems and recalls, and marketing practices. All details can be found here

Kratom Krates officially became a Qualified Vendor!

Like AKA, we are also dedicated to raising the quality of kratom supplements to be certain that our loyal consumers receive the best and safe-to-use products.

And now, Kratom Krates can proudly say that we have officially passed the audit and became qualified vendors of kratom-related products! Once the Kratom Consumer Protection Act passes, we will be one of the very few companies allowed to manufacture and distribute kratom in the US. For now, what this means for us and our loyal consumers is that they can be one hundred percent certain we produce and distribute only top-quality products. 

We have been operating in the industry long enough to see that despite kratom’s long list of benefits, people are still questioning whether or not it is truly beneficial. Quite understandably, this skepticism resulted from a lack of quality control in the past and the fact that many small distributors created kratom products in unsuitable conditions, without proper testing for contamination.

AKA was established to protect users from potential risks that may occur as a result of such inadequate practices. We, too, believe that kratom users deserve only the finest grade products that will deliver the expected benefits. 

Since the establishment, we focused on creating the safest and most appropriate environment for the production of all of our products. Furthermore, rest assured that all of our products pass strict quality testing prior to hitting the market. By joining the AKA initiative, we underscore our goal and company mission – to become a premium supplier of high-quality, holistic kratom powder, capsules and CBD products.

We invite all of our industry peers to apply for AKA GMP certification and show that the kratom community is dedicated to providing kratom consumers with nature’s best products.

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